Unimat Speed Bumps

Unimat Speed Bumps

If you’re looking for affordable speed bumps, consider buying from Unimat. These humps are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and travel lengths. They are designed to reduce the discomfort of vehicles speeding past. You can find a large variety of speed humps from Unimat in traffic USA. You can also find a large selection of speed humps from Unimat in Mexico. Here are some examples of their products. Speed bumps Unimat

The 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Bumps by Unimat are constructed with quality materials and are designed to slow traffic to 10 to 15 mph. These speed humps are an affordable way to control traffic speeds in parking lots, roadways, and even retirement communities. Because they are made of durable rubber, Unimat rubber speed hump units are an excellent choice for schools, parking lots, and other public places. The modular units lock together to create a smooth surface and are ideal for a variety of applications.

The 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Bumps by Unimat are designed to control traffic and reduce speeds in roadways and parking lots. They are perfect for hospitals, schools, and retirement communities. They can fit almost any width of road and are affordable to install. You can also purchase cable protectors and speed bumpers from Unimat Traffic USA. These can be installed in a variety of locations including schools and commercial buildings. You can purchase these products from the company at a competitive price.

The 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Bumps by Unimat are made of high quality rubber. They are perfect for controlling traffic in parking lots, roadways, and schools. The 6 foot humps can be customized to fit the width of any parking lot. They can be purchased from Unimat Traffic USA. Depending on the size and weight of your parking area, you can choose the appropriate size and type of speed bump for your space.

The 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Bumps by Unimat are built to slow traffic down to 10-15 mph. These humps are perfect for parking lots, roads, and schools. The hump is made to fit the width of a road. They can be ordered from Unimat Traffic USA. The six foot economy rubber speed humps by Unimat will fit most driveways. These units are made of high-quality rubber and are designed to reduce speed in a wide variety of applications.

The 3′ Heavy Duty Speed Humps are ideal for many types of parking lots. They can slow traffic to as low as ten mph. They’re great for parks, schools zones, hospitals, and retirement communities. The embedded yellow EPDM rubber is UV-resistant and can be installed in asphalt, concrete, or any other surface. The female end caps make for easy 360dee transitions between two parking lots. So, no matter where you want to place these humps, they’ll work for you. Speed bumps Unimat