How to Make Luxury Gift Hampers (on a budget)

How to Make Luxury Gift Hampers (on a budget)

Luxury gift hampers make a great gift, but they are really expensive. Instead of buying expensive gift hampers, it’s far cheaper to make a luxury one yourself.

Rather than getting a traditional gift, many people love to give and receive a hamper full of smaller gifts instead.

Some shops charge a small fortune selling gift hampers, especially around Christmas time!

Now if you’re after total luxury, then Fortnum and Mason are an obvious choice for their range and various collections.

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However, if you’re working on a tight budget, their hampers don’t come cheap. Starting at £60 for a set in a wicker basket for a few treats, you could look to pay well over £300 for a jam-packed hamper!!

Fighting the corner of the savvy shopper, Aldi offers their own range of hampers, but they are still a few quid!

They are selling quite a few different kinds of hampers.

The most expensive in their range is the Exquisite Hamper priced at £89.99
Next in line is the Christmas Feast hamper at £79.99
Then, the specially Selected Luxury Hamper at £59.99
You’ve then got the Pamper Hamper costing £39.99
The Treats Hamper at £34.99
The Festive Delights Hamper at £24.99 and
The Christmas Favourite Hamper at £19.99

The last two come in a box, rather than a wicker basket.

I decided to have a bit of a comparison between the Aldi Luxury Hamper and what you could get at Fortnum and Mason for about the same money.

Fortnum and Mason’s lowest price hamper for £60 is The Merrymaker’s Hamper.

The Merrymaker’s Hamper (£60) contains:

St James Christmas Pudding, 227g
Christmas Spiced Biscuits, 125g
Christmas Green Loose Tea Tin, 25g
Christmas Spiced Loose Tea Tin, 25g
Plum, Apples, and Cinnamon Infusion Tin 25g
Chocolate Gingerbread Man Matchbox, 35g
Christmas Reindeer Noses, 150g
Now while these hampers obviously hold very high end and luxury items, you don’t really get very much – 7 items in total.

But, they do make clear on the site that the contents of the hamper work out cheaper than buying those particular items individually.

Aldi Luxury Collection Hamper (£59.99) contains:

Earl Grey Tea Bags
Strawberry & Champagne Preserve
Clotted cream fudge
Spelt & Sourdough Crackers
Chocolate Florentine Selection
Chocolate Fruit & Nut Selection
Iced Fruit Cake
Stollen bites
Marc de Champagne Truffles
Fig, Balsamic & Chilli Chutney Trio
Chocolate Winter Desserts
Argentinian Malbec
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
30 Month Matured Christmas Pudding
Medium Wicker Hamper
Aldi hampers are available to pre-order online in the run-up to Christmas.

While you do get more for your money with Aldi versus Fortnum and Mason, it’s still a fair bit to spend out on.

However, there is a third, more thrifty version – you can make one yourself.

How to make a budget hamper
While I’m not a fan of making a massive fuss over Christmas, I do like to actually enjoy myself. I don’t want to be spending hours and hours sourcing and wrapping gifts, so something like a pre-made hamper sounds like a great idea to me – other than the cost!

So, I want to find out if I can replicate a similar hamper, for little effort and save some money too.

Plus, if someone has food allergies or intolerances, you can make sure to get treats they’ll be able to enjoy. 

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