Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

Heat-treated pallets present higher costs and sourcing difficulties which may not be worth the trouble unless your organization does extensive international shipping. Nonetheless, plastic pallets are actually a practical option to heat-treated platforms that also offer additional benefits that make their cost easy to justify. Plastic pallets provide:

1. Exemption from ISPM-15
ISPM-15 doesn’t apply to plastic pallets, as they have a shallow risk of infestation. The nonporous plastic surface does not collect moisture, so plastic pallets aren’t an attractive breeding ground for insects and pests – especially those that eat and live in wood, such as termites. Since penalties for ISMP 15 violations are actually high as well as the most careful companies can face penalties through a simple mistake or perhaps damage to the required ISMP stamp, the very best way to stay away from violations for failing to meet ISPM 15 wood pallet requirements is actually to circumvent them completely by using plastic pallets.

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2. Consistently low weight
The average multi-use plastic pallet weighs no more than fifty pounds, and none of this weight is actually wasted on moisture, as plastic does not collect it. As a result, companies can enjoy the benefits of lower transportation costs and more inventory in each truckload and never have to worry that the pallets of theirs will gain weight over time.

3. Bacteria and easy sanitation and mold resistance
Moisture and bacteria may collect on a plastic pallet’s surface, but it can be easily rinsed away. Since moisture is not absorbed by plastic, it is possible to thoroughly clean and even sanitize a plastic pallet, which’s not likely with wood platforms. Since plastic pallets are definitely more hygienic than wood, shippers can reduce the risk of contamination and rejected loads.

4. Lower product damage
High-quality plastic pallets are much more durable than wood pallets and less likely to break, warp, and splinter. This reduces the likelihood that sharp pieces of wood will damage product packaging or perhaps that product edges will be crushed when the pallet’s leading-edge board breaks, both common causes of pallet damage during handling and transport.

All of the advantages of heat-treated pallets – along with numerous additional benefits – are available in plastic pallets. These export-ready pallets help lower your company’s total cost of business (TCOB) without the need for specialized stamps or further treatment. Plastic pallets are much more cost-effective when rented from a pallet pooling service. Plastic pallet pooling eliminates the large upfront cost of buying a fleet, lowers costs associated with platform maintenance, and eliminates the hassle of sourcing heat-treated pallets in quantity. Plastic pallets allow it to be simple for domestic and global companies to streamline shipping and lower transportation expenses.

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

Our heavy-duty plastic pallets are solid, long-lasting, and suitable for repeated use.

Our range of heavy-duty plastic pallets has a wide range of applications available in euro size, non, and full perimeter, open and closed deck.

Easy forklift or perhaps pallet truck entry, ensuring ease of use when transporting goods. Many of our heavy-duty plastic pallets are also made from recycled plastic.

Key features: – Incredibly strong design ensures a long life span – often exceeding ten years.
– Manufactured from recycled or perhaps virgin plastic, or perhaps mixed material.
– Available in sizes that are various and non-perimeter versions or perhaps full perimeter.
– Available with open or perhaps closed top deck.
– Coloured black, blue, or grey as standard.
– Colour options available in virgin materials for large orders.
– Options include edge lips, RFID inserts, and screen printed ID.

Key benefits: Choice – choose from different sizes, open or perhaps closed deck, non-perimeter versions, or full perimeter.
Rackable – some versions are actually suitable for racking up to 2000kg.
Automation – hundred % dimensional accuracy, so well suited for automated systems.

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