Essential Monoblock Driveway Maintenance

Essential Monoblock Driveway Maintenance

If you’re fortunate enough to have a monoblock driveway, then you realize that it not only looks good but also it’s hard-wearing and should keep going for many years to come. This’s the reason it’s just about the most popular driveway types to be installed in and around Dunfermline and throughout Scotland.

Let us be frank here, any driveway in Scotland will be subjected to a large amount of inclement weather, which is another reason why this type of driveway is prevalent in Scotland.

You must undertake a little bit of general care and regular maintenance to ensure that your driveway will continue to look as good as the day it was installed for many years to come.

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Essential Driveway Maintenance
Small and often is the key to preventing a big build-up of moss, algae, and lichen on your driveway. Every 6 months or perhaps so, get a bucket of hot soapy water and scrub your driveway using a stiff brush. Only use a soap that doesn’t contain some acid; washing up liquid is actually just about the most popular products folks use for that job.

Pick a little area of your driveway and put several of the hot soapy water over it. Then work with the brush to scrub the area, ensuring that you remove all the visible dirt and detritus. The soap will loosen the dirt, and then as you rub the surface with the brush, most of the dirt will come away from the surface of the driveway.

Monthly Driveway Cleaning
Getting down on your knees and hands to clean your driveway may not sound overly appealing; by following these basic suggestions, you may have the ability to stay away from ever needing to wash your driveway as mentioned above, or perhaps at least reduce it to once a year.

After a month, sweep the driveway of yours with a stiff, bristled broom. This procedure aims to get rid of some surface dirt, leaves, and loose soil. This particular material type makes your driveway slippery and stimulates moss, weeds, and algae.

If you’re a DIY pressure washer, you can clean the driveway of yours with it, but be careful not to use a lot of pressure, as there’s a threat that you can dislodge the sand between the bricks used to ensure the integrity of the driveway.

Professional Annual Driveway Cleaning
If your driveway has become overrun or is actually covered in ingrained stains, you can’t shift using the above methods. Window Shine is your local Professional driveway cleaning company, which can come to your property using our industrial-grade driveway cleaning equipment and materials.

We can guarantee you that however dirty your driveway is actually, using our driveway cleaning knowledge and expertise, we can restore it to its original condition and leave you with a driveway to be proud of.

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