Do You Need to Know about Taskade?

Do You Need to Know about Taskade?

Taskade may be a simple online to-do list and task manager application. From the website, users can instantly create task lists, even without having to register and log in. it’s a light-weight app that permits fast and fun thanks to listing down ideas and to-dos, and shares them with others. Everything appears on one browser screen.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths
Simple Web-based Task List – Taskade is a web site where users can instantly write their to-dos and tasks. All they need to try to do is to start out typing on the designated areas and continue listing their ideas, plans, or activities. A progress bar shows the share of things completed. the online page also has keyboard shortcuts for straightforward formatting of text (bold, underline, italics, and highlight) and structure (strikethrough for completed tasks, indent/unindent, and expand/collapse task list). Icons/Buttons on-screen corners enable the user to make a replacement list, choose a picture background, select more task or task list options, and access the assistance button.

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Shareable Lists – it’s easy to share task lists. A share button activates a popup screen that contains the shareable link. Users can copy/paste the link and send it to their team members. The owner can prefer to share a view-only list or an editable list. that login has access to a dashboard to stay track of all of their lists.

Templates, Desktop App, Browser Extensions – Taskade also has templates for a fast setup of pre-built lists, like for project overview, weekly tasks, product roadmap, meeting notes, et al. . A desktop app is out there for Mac and Windows. Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox also are available, with additional features like notifications. Native mobile applications are said to be within the works.

Taskade is currently free and in open beta. A premium Pro plan with additional features like file attachments and customizations, to call a couple of, are going to be available within the future.

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Target Market
Taskade is for all levels of users. Individuals, families, and teams who have a requirement for an accessible online task list for organization and collaboration will find value within the app. When the premium plan becomes available, SMBs can check it out and evaluate it for their business use.

Supported Language
This may depend upon the well-liked language within the browser setting, but the Chrome web store states support for 54 languages.

Chris Ng stated that Taskade features a nice and clean interface that does the most functionality rather well with none bloat nor the presence of ads.

Nancy Messieh described the task list app as a no-fuss, no-frills way of making a shareable to-do list. It keeps things really simple.

Why Taskade
Taskade provides a fast thanks to the writing and shares an inventory, even without having to log in. Users have the choice to access more task listing options and features by logging in. they will prefer to install browser extensions or desktop apps. Also, the UI is extremely simple and intuitive but is additionally easy to the eyes, and with a variety for random background images, color coding, and text and list formatting.

Company Info may be a privately held Internet application and repair company based in NY, USA. it had been founded in January 2017 by John Xie, CEO.

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