Choosing A Marbella Real Estate Agent

Choosing A Marbella Real Estate Agent

In Spain, there are both traditional high street estate agencies, and freelance agents who operate online. It is important to understand the difference in the service they offer. Ask these questions from your Real Estate Marbella Agent

1) How will you market my property?
As we’ve already mentioned, anyone can list a property online and stick up a purchasable sign – how does your agent go further? Will they obtain professional quality photographs of your property? Write a compelling property profile? Translate it into other languages to appeal to as large a cross-section of buyers as possible? Do they use traditional magazine/newspaper advertising, online portals, partner agencies, social media, and marketing channels? HHomes does all of this and more.

2) What are your fees?
The old adage you get what you buy is certainly true when it involves land agents. Be wary of any agents offering a cut-price service. the sole way they will afford to try to do this is often by scrimping on marketing efforts, not running an office, or not employing staff. a top-quality agency may charge a touch more but will prevent time and money with a swift and efficient sale of your property.

3) Will I even have a uniform point of contact?
It’s great to possess a team of individuals working to sell your home, but at an equivalent time, you would like to possess one point of contact, instead of being passed around from person to person. you ought to get on given name terms together with your agent and be ready to expect regular progress reports from that individual. At HHomes there’s always one consistent team member to liaise with the owner.

4) am I able to see some testimonials?
At first glance, it’s easy for the workplace to seem established and successful with many properties on its books. Any agent can tap into the MLS property database of 20,000 properties and display them on their website. make certain to ask what percentage properties shown are literally theirs by direct instruction. Also, determine what percentage of sales they need made within the last year and ask to ascertain some testimonials from vendors. HHomes only displays direct instruction properties on its website and updates it daily to make sure any properties which are sold are swiftly removed. the very fact that the majority of our clients come via recommendation speaks to the standard of our service and we’re happy to supply references upon request.

5) How long have you ever been operating?
To avoid placing your business with a fly-by-night operation, determine how long the agency has been established and the way much experience the team has. it’s crucial your agent has good market knowledge so as to properly value your property. HHomes directed by Marcos Loriente, a real estate agent with more than 16 years of experience. All other staff members are established in Marbella for several years and possess an excellent deal of local knowledge.

6) Are you professionally qualified?
Anyone can set themselves up as a true realtor just by paying a fee to access the MLS property database, but there’s an excellent deal of difference between this sort of agent and one that has been within the business a few years. a method to inform the difference is to ask if they’re accredited by a true estate regulation body here in Spain, like API or GIPE. These organizations provide official training, grant licenses, regulate fees, and administer fines for misconduct. 

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