Best Baking Equipment to Use

Best Baking Equipment to Use

Baking is an art form that needs the proper tools for fulfillment. within the course of writing thousands of baking recipes, we’ve discovered which products are essential for keen bakers.

Read on to get our recommended buys, plus find specific product suggestions courtesy of our expert buyer’s guides. For more on equipment, visit our reviews section.

1. Cake tins
There are many tins on the market of all shapes, sizes, and materials. At BBC Good Food, we prefer heavy-duty tins, like springform cake pans. Dark-colored silicone bakeware features a tendency to soak up heat and make the edges of the cake dark. It’s essential to use the right size and shape stated within the recipe, or cooking times will get to be adjusted. Read our review of the best cake tins.

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Le Creuset springform round cake tin
This Le Creuset tin may be a cut above your average springform tin. it’s a clasp with a heat-resistant silicone cover to form unclipping that bit easier and is worth spending a touch extra cash on.

2. Cooling rack
This is an important piece of kit for helping air to circulate around your freshly baked cake or biscuits, avoiding sogginess during the cooling process. Read our review of cooling racks.

Tala non-stick cake cooling rack
This budget-friendly tray ticks tons of boxes being both non-stick and dishwasher safe. This all-rounder is large enough to handle two large cakes at an equivalent time.

3. A dredger or shaker
A dredger – also referred to as a shaker – is beneficial for lightly dusting surfaces with flour or powdered sugar when rolling out doughs or icing. However, a tea strainer or sieve can perform an equivalent function perfectly well. Read our review of the simplest shakers.

Borough Kitchen chrome steel mesh shaker
This model may be a classic dredger design and is robust and top quality for an honest price. it’s a high-grade gauze lid that screws on tightly and a satisfying, well-sized shape, which feels good within the hand.

4. Icing smoother
A handy tool for cake decorating, the smoother helps to offer you a knowledgeable finish, smoothing down your marzipan or sugar paste (ready-to-roll icing) after you’ve applied it to the cake. you’ll buy this from specialist cake decorating shops. Read our review of cake decorating gadgets.

5. Food mixer
A food mixer (also referred to as a stand mixer) isn’t essential for cake-making but it does save time and minimize effort. Plus, they will accompany different attachments to assist with non-banking tasks, too. Read our review of the simplest stand mixers.

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6. Baking parchment
This type of paper is right for wrapping food, particularly greasy or fatty foods. It’s often suggested as an appropriate wrapping for fruit cake before placing it during a tin. It is often utilized in the freezer also because of the microwave and oven. If you’re using it for lining a cake tin, you ought to also lightly butter or oil the paper before spooning it within the ready-mix.

7. kitchen appliance
Useful for therefore many functions both sweet and savory, the kitchen appliance also can be used for several cake recipes and is sweet for rubbing fat into flour when making pastry.

8. Marzipan spacers
If you wish to embellish cakes with marzipan or sugar paste, then spacers will assist you to achieve a good thickness. These are often bought from specialist suppliers.

9. Measuring spoons
People often under or overestimate the dimensions of a teaspoon or tablespoon. Measuring spoons ensures an accurate amount is employed. If you wish to use American recipes, it’s also worth buying a group of measuring cups to avoid tricky conversions. Read our review of measuring spoons.

10. Measuring jug
Baking recipes often include oil, milk, or other liquid ingredients, so a measuring jug is important for getting the quantities right. As a measuring jug is required for therefore many cooking purposes, it’s always useful to possess one handy.

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